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Marble Restoration & Preservation

Breathe new life into your marble counter tops, stairways, floors, and more with Marble Medics ® Of America. Our experienced teams, in Beverly Hills and beyond, provide restoration and repair services for all natural stone. ®®®


We have decades of experience with sculpture (statuary and bas relief), counter tops and floors, as well as exterior decks, building exteriors and historical monuments.


Restoration work requires a detailed knowledge of quarried stone, where it is from, how it was installed and how best to remedy some of the damage it endures. Allow us to provide the services that will help your stone age gracefully. 

Marble Medics® Services

  • Post Construction Cleaning
  • Crack & Chip Repair

  • Cleaning & Sealing

  • Epoxy Injection

  • Grout Replacement

  • Consulting

  • Expert Witness

  • Diamond Honing & Polishing

  • Lippage Removal & Ground Floors

  • Stain Removal

  • On-Site Drilling & Cutting

  • Maintenance Programs

  • Stone Search

  • Written Opinions

  • Site Inspections

Description of Terms - for reference with your Marble Medics® proposal

Masking: Adjacent surfaces to areas being serviced will be masked with 2M masking film (24”) and 3M brand blue (#2090) painters tape. This product will not harm a properly painted surface if removed within one week, so any paint which inadvertently does come off when tape is removed is the responsibility of the client.


Cleaning: Machine or hand cleaning is performed with Marble Medics ® own neutral cleaner –MarbleSafe ® Stone Cleaner; special attention is always given to detailing of corners, edges and grout joints.

Grouting: Grout work is generally restricted to filling of voids in any given work area. Grout removal and replacement would be specifically stated, if included. Replacement grout is matched as closely as possible, by Marble Medics ® discretion, using a variety of colors available from Custom Grout. Client may provide other products if they so desire.


Sanding: Scratches, etches and wear patterns from abrasion can be reduced or removed, and stone can be brought-up to different levels of polish (from matte to satin), by using grits from very coarse to very fine. All sanding by Marble Medics ® is done wet (damp) to avoid dust creation in home or business.

Honing: Similar to sanding process, done wet with sanding disks, diamond disks or honing powder generally referring to a matte finish.


Diamond Grinding and Polishing: Also a wet process similar to sanding, diamond grinding is an efficient way to reduce or remove lippage problems. Diamond polishing will bring floors up to a nearly finished polish.

Polishing: Abrasive powders are mixed and used in a wet process to polish marble and other polished natural stone to its ultimate capacity. (Different mineral composition and different stone textures allow some stone to polish at higher levels than others.) Marble Medics ® avoids the use of crystallization products or shiny coatings to achieve a polished finish. Although much less costly, shortcuts such as these fall short of Marble Medics ® (and our clients’) aesthetic tastes.


Detailing: Detailing covers a wide range of services to give each area properly finished results. Including final buffing to remove any film or marks from cleaning and polishing, filling voids in grout or caulking with color matched products, removal of any substances foreign to stone i.e. tape, paint, glue, etc. (although tape, paint and glue will already have been removed by our cleaning process.)

Repairs: Repairs cover too large an area to limit to this page and will be specifically identified in each individual proposal. However some general repairs include color matched epoxy to fill cracks, hole or chips. Injection of epoxy through grout joints and carefully drilled injection holes to secure hollow spots preventing future damage.

Sealing: Marble Medics ® choice of impregnators (penetrating sealers – not coatings) are used on all surfaces to help protect and to repel water. Some sealers are also resistant to oil and grease.

Poulticing: An ancient yet often effective process of applying a wet substance comprised of a clean white powder (such as talc) mixed with any number of liquids, from water to solvents to chemicals, in order to attempt removal of a stain or discoloration from natural stone by means of saturation, dissolution and evaporation. No poultice is ever guaranteed, yet given the opportunity of time (4-7 days, depending on application), and the benefit of years of experience, positive results often occur.

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Marble Medics ® closed its doors in 2020 due to the
impact of the Covid-19 confusion. We decided to not reopen and Cameron eased
into semi-retirement. We appreciate our customers business these last
thirty-four years and are proud of the amazing projects we were able to
participate in since 1986.

This web site remains open to offer helpful information and
to answer some common questions often asked by clients over the years.
Additionally, we will list A few words from Cameron regarding . . . column
which we have offered in past years to explain different procedures and
remedies to help clients pro-actively manage their natural stone applications.

We expect Cameron to become available this Autumn for
consultations from time to time as he still enjoys this industry and the many
clients who still require our assistance.

Again, many thanks for your years of support. Let us know how we
might help you today. Please write below a few words to describe
your problem or question and we will endeavor to respond with the appropriate

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