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Marble Medics ® Of America has been involved in restoration and maintenance of marble, granite, limestone and all natural stone since 1986. Countless restoration companies have come and gone in these 25+ years. We have remained. Small, focused and with integrity intact.

The 1994 Northridge, CA earthquake brought us up to speed with antiquities repairs, as many of the homes on Los Angeles west side had sculpture and busts which sustained damage that day. We still enjoy the more pensive requirements of making subtle repairs and giving life back to works created by others long ago.

Our goal is to execute proper restoration rather than resort to ‘quick & easy’ methods which become available on the market from time to time.


Our vintage 1972 Oldsmobile ambulance parked outside a client’s home back in the Ghostbusters era.

In an interview many years ago, we were told by an estate manager that he was well aware that his employer could hardly tell the difference between plywood and marble: but, he said, many of his employers house guests could. It was his job to ascertain that all the stone throughout the estate was properly restored and maintained, so that a discerning eye would smile upon the work. And that, he explained, was why he chose MARBLE MEDICS ® for the job.

Raison D’etre

Marble Medics ® inspecting the Great Wall of China (Mutianyu).

What Our Clients Have To Say

“I have used Marble Medics ® for many years and consider it to be the best stone care service in the Los Angeles area. Marble, travertine and stone meticulously restored to near perfection.”

– Peter Schifando, Peter Schifando & Co.

“Thank you for your help in surveying the Ronald Reagan memorial planter and offering suggestions for the repairs needed. The completed restoration and upgrade of the planter and the surrounding walls have provided a dramatic change in the overall appearance.”

– R. Duke Blackwood, Executive Director
at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library 

“For anyone in need of care or preservation of natural stone for their home or business Marble Medics ® is the solution. Considering President Cameron Lamont has 28 years of expertise you could not find a better resource for the work.

He and his company adhere to the ‘Old World” standards of their craft. In particular I found that Mr Lamont knows how to treat people as valued customers, certainly a lost art.”

– James Groth, VP Investor Relations & Executive Producer
at Tayrona Entertainment Group

“Just a note to thank you and your crew for the great job on the marble floor at my home. As you know, I have been a contractor for over 55 years and have seen the good, bad, and very ugly work in the contracting business. You and your men were prompt, courteous, and professional from start to finish.”

Thanks Again,

Al Gibbs
Los Angeles, CA

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